What is Doltgres?

DoltgreSQL, or Doltgres for short, is a Postgres-compatible version of Dolt. It is currently in pre-alpha release. Dolt is the world's first version controlled SQL database. It is like Git and MySQL had a baby. Doltgres is like Git and Postgres had a baby.

Download the latest DoltgreSQL here.

For instructions on how to install and run DoltgreSQL, checkout our installation guide.

Differences from Dolt

Dolt and Doltgres share the same storage engine and implement the same version control interfaces in SQL. Only the SQL dialect/implementation is different. Thus, you can refer to the documentation for the Dolt SQL server to understand how to run and use DoltgreSQL and its features. Just connect with a Postgres-compatible client instead of a MySQL-compatible client.

So, what is different?

Doltgres is pre-alpha

Dolt is 1.0 and production ready. Doltgres is still in very active development and many required features are missing. See our SQL support documentation for the latest compatibility. If you are a potential user and need something missing, please create an issue.

Check back often for progress. We are investing heavily in Doltgres. You can also follow our blog for updates, where we publish Doltgres blogs every week.

Doltgres does not have a CLI

Unlike Dolt, Doltgres does not implement version control features via the command line and must be run as a server. For example, the Dolt CLI command to pull from a remote:

% dolt pull

Can only be accessed in Doltgres through its corresponding SQL stored procedure:

% doltgres &
% psql -h -U doltgres -c "CALL DOLT_PULL()"

Refer to the docs for version control features for details on supported stored procedures and system tables.

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