What is a database server?

A database server allows multiple local or remote clients to connect to the same database. You start a database server process on a host. The database server process opens a port or socket and then clients connect with a compatible client. The database server handles authentication.

How to use database servers

Database servers are used to allow multiple users to access the same database over a network. Database servers are often used to back applications. In that case, the application instances are the user.

Difference between the Postgres database server and the Doltgres database server

Doltgres behaves the same way as the Postgres database server started using postgres. By default, Doltgres starts on the same port as Postgres, 5432.

Interaction with Doltgres Version Control

Doltgres allows users to connect to multiple branches using a connection string. All users connected to the same branch see the same branch state.


Start a Server

Starting server with Config HP="localhost:3306"|T="28800000"|R="false"|L="info"

Connect a client

PGPASSWORD=password psql -h -U doltgres

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