A Doltgres SQL server can be configured at server start time, or by setting system variables in the SQL session. The simplest way to configure server behavior is to provide a config file with the --config flag. Here's an example file:

log_level: info

  read_only: false
  autocommit: true

  name: root
  password: ""

  host: localhost
  port: 3306
  max_connections: 100
  read_timeout_millis: 28800000
  write_timeout_millis: 28800000

  query_parallelism: null

The full list of supported fields can be found by running doltgres --help.

System variables

Doltgres defines system variables that you can set in your session via the SET syntax. Many of these can be persisted, so they remain set after a server restart.

set dolt_transaction_commit 1;

A full list of available system variables can be found in the docs on system variables.

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