Running the Server

Start the DoltgreSQL server by running the doltgres command:

% doltgres

Configuration options

Like dolt, doltgres accepts several configuration options both as command line parameters or via a config.yaml file. The docs for the sql-server command for Dolt cover most of these options. You can also consult doltgres --help for a listing of all configuration options.

Data location

The location of any databases created depends on the setting of the DOLTGRES_DATA_DIR environment variable. For example:

% export DOLTGRES_DATA_DIR=~/dbs/
% doltgres &
% psql -h -U doltgres -c "CREATE DATABASE newDb"

The newDb database above will be stored at the location ~/dbs/newDb. The first time you run the doltgres command, a database named doltgres will be created for you in the data directory if it doesn't exist.

If you don't set this environment variable, it defaults to ~/doltgres/databases.

You can override this location on the command line with the --data-dir flag:

% doltgres --data-dir /var/doltgres/dbs

Or you can provide it in a config.yaml file:

log_level: debug

  read_only: false
  autocommit: true

  name: "doltgres"
  password: "password"

  host: localhost
  port: 5432
  read_timeout_millis: 28800000
  write_timeout_millis: 28800000

data_dir: /var/doltgres/dbs

cfg_dir: .doltcfg

Provide the path to the config.yaml on the command line with the --config option.

% doltgres --config config.yaml

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